Mental Toughness God’s Way


Life can be tough. Things are not always fair. Bad things happen to good people. Mental toughness is required to not only survive life’s challemges but thrive regardless of what comes your way. The stronger your mind, the more thoughtful and powerful your actions.

Thoughtful actions led to smart decisions in life and business. The Bible provides many tools for building mental toughness that will help you not only overcome anything but also enjoy your life along with way.


Tasha “TC” Cooper is an attorney, digital publisher and best selling author of the #FaithFocusFlow series of bible-based resources for business owners. Through her books and daily planners, TC helps people all over the world build successful business that server clients at the highest levels and honor God. Learn more about TC, her books and her work at

TC Cooper, 
Attorney, Best Selling Author, Digital Marketing Strategist